5 COOLEST Tech GADGETS Coming Soon

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    Looking to satisfy your gadget fix? Then you've come to the right place! In today's presentation you'll see an awesome variety of innovative new tech gadgets that are just on the horizon.

    If you enjoy ground-breaking new inventions...

    buckle up!
    0:04 - Spark Camera Remote - http://kck.st/2o65kly
    1:50 - Sunrise Smart Pillow - http://kck.st/2nYhnEA
    4:19 - Hyve Touch Synth - http://kck.st/2n7v7Ln
    5:58 - Hagic Watch - https://igg.me/at/hagic/x
    7:53 - Niryo One - http://kck.st/2mNYDat
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    Look to the Future!

    Including a highly versatile camera remote control, a futuristic smart pillow that monitors your sleep and wakes you up in the most relaxing way.

    An innovative musical instrument that responds to the slightest touch.

    A customizable smart watch with the longest battery life on the market.

    Plus an amazing open source robot arm that can allows for maximum creativity for both kids and adults.

  • 5coolesttechgadgetscomingsoon